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 Norton Partition Magic 8.05

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PostSubject: Norton Partition Magic 8.05    Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:21 am

Key Technologies

* Partitions hard drive
* Create, resize, copy partitions
* Run multiple operating systems


* Divides hard drive into two or more partitions
* Runs multiple operating systems on the same PC
* BootMagic™ makes it easy to switch between operating systems
* Copy, move, resize, split, or merge partitions
* Guides you through the partitioning process
* Easy to find, copy and paste files in both Windows® and Linux® partitions
* Create and modify partitions up to 300GB*
* Supports USB 2.0, USB 1.1, and FireWire® external drives**
* Supports and converts partitions among FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, and Ext3
* Enlarge an NTFS partition without restarting computer
* Resizes NTFS system clusters to the most effective size

System Requirements
Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional
* 233MHz or higher processor
* 128 MB of RAM

Windows 2000 Professional
* 150MHz or higher processor
* 64 MB of RAM

Windows NT WS/Me/98/98SE
* 150MHz or higher processor
* 32 MB of RAM

* 55 MB of available hard disk space
* DVD or CD-ROM drive

How to install...
1. Download and extract 'Norton_Partition_Magic_8.05___Serial.rar'
2. Open the 'setup' folder in 'Partition Magic 8.05' and double click 'setup.exe' and follow the instructions to install.
3. During setup (when asked for name and serial key etc) open 'serial.txt' in the 'Partition Magic 8.05' folder.
4. Copy(CTRL+C) one of the serial keys and paste(CTRL+V) it into the part where it says 'Serial:___'.
5. In the part where it wants you to put your name, put anything theyre.
6. Click next and continue to finish the installation and your done.

megaupload.com 72ZE10YL
rapidshare.com Norton_Partition_Magic_8.05___Serial.rar
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Norton Partition Magic 8.05
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